Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winter Visit to the Zoo

 The weather has warmed up for at least a few days,
so we went to the zoo today.

I had taken my original Ella in the same outfit
on February 15, 2015. We had hoped to see a pot full of flowers!
Well, there were two today.

The flamingos were in the entry way.

They seemed to squawk more than usual.

We discovered the closed construction area behind them.
It looks like Penguins will be coming next year!

I do wonder about what has happened to the animals in the old
enclosures that have been pulled down.

This was a moment of liking being a member
when my visit was paid for on one card last year.
There were other animals to visit in areas that were open.

Our favorite animal is the polar bears at the zoo.

One paced while the other rested.

Ella posed for some photos by the fence along the wall.

Time for a swim!

Near the polar bear, there are two newer lions.
An older couple had lived for a long time and finally
passed away at the end of a life cycle.

I did discover from another visitor that the polar bear
on the top of the hill was visible on this side of the exhibit.

We saw some animals in the enclosure walk.

 We then walked through another area of the zoo.
It started out in Australia.

There were some interesting monkeys in a nearby enclosure.

Quietly watching zoo animals can bring about interesting
results with their movements!

We went to Africa next.

We love the art on the trees!

We had a surprise with the hippos!

Several of them napped on land!

The chimpanzees quietly gathered for an afternoon
of resting and grooming.

The giraffes ate their lunch. It is up so high!

The neighboring elephants are a mom with her daughter
who is about 4 years old.

The visitor train passed on the tracks.

It was about 1:30 and time for my lunch.
I enjoyed visiting the parts that I could see in the zoo
and am curious what will be created in the next year.