Monday, May 18, 2015

The Country Cottage

Wendy at Norm's Dollhouse in Colorado is totally awesome!
I started the construction on this Country Cottage during my
Christmas vacation. I thought I would work on it some more during
Spring Break, but never did.
Now, it is summer, and I need to face where I stopped on this house.

ADAD Inside

I stalled on making the inside frames for the windows and door.
I stopped at having to measure and do a mitered cut on the corners.
The windows and door are not glued in to facilitate 
being able to do those measurements.

Wendy posted to the Norm's Dollhouse Facebook page yesterday.
She was working on a Country Cottage for the store.

Hey, I have one of those!
So I emailed her, and I can purchase the cut pieces I need to 
get myself moving on this project again.
Okay...I can pay David, who created the kit, to cut the pieces
I have totally freaked out over cutting.
Sometimes, it is so worth it to pay someone to reduce the hurdles
in your life.

So this is where I am at in my dollhouse.
the wallpaper is up.

The bathroom and kitchen have basic pieces.

I found a bed that will work.

And my list of things to do has gotten shorter.
Glue in the windows and door. Paint and add the inside frames.
Finish the baseboards and 
add the decorative trim on the front floors and walls.
Shingle, shingle, shingle.
Paint and glue the shutters.

Although I don't currently have the budget to furnish the whole inside
at once, I believe that finishing the construction will be a great accomplishment,
and a start of a new process; inside decoration and furnishings!

Amaya is happy that she will soon have more of a house to play in
and call her own home.
These are my "before summer vacation" photos.

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  1. It is looking really good!
    You are really smart knowing what you cannot do and finding someone with more expertise to do it for you. (I have fallen way behind in all of my dollhouse projects, and I think it would cost millions of dollars to find someone to help me! Ha, ha!)
    I really like the color palette you have chosen.