Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday at Home

With her new wig,
Ante is coming to life
and becoming more playful.

"Will you play with me?"

Uploading photos and playing with friends on Facebook:

"I need a name..."

Hair Today

These are blue eyes #2,
which arrived earlier this week.
They work well indoors, but have a distinct
blue/green jewel tone to them in the sunlight.

I checked the tracking on wig #2,
and found that it had been delivered to my local
post office branch.

It was not marked as being out for delivery,
so I went to the post office
not knowing if they would give me my package
without a postal slip.

I wrote out the tracking number and my address on a slip of paper.
I handed it to the postal clerk, who looked at my driver's license
and went to get my package.

The postal carriers were loading their trucks,
so it probably would have gone out today,
but I was thrilled to get it so early in the morning,
adding a few more hours to my weekend play.

 This is a synthetic mohair wig from the Monique Gold Collection.
It is the Ellowyne Rose style in the color brown black,
which is more of a dark brown.

It is a bit more hair than I am used to,
but I like it!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Of Wigs and Eyes and Things

One of the qualities that many BJD owners enjoy
is the ability to change wigs and eyes on their dolls.
It allows each person to come up with an individualized
look for their dolls.

The Fairyland LittleFee dolls have removable face plates,
which makes it really easy to change their eyes!

I purchased an eye color called "Dark Blue Dusk"
which is a bluish/brownish/greenish color.

Her wig is a Monique Gold Jojo
in reddish brown.

I have seen the bangs parted to the sides.
It seems to work for some people,
but having had bangs all of my life,
the one thing that bothers me is bangs in my eyes!

I could hear Ante saying,
"If you don't like it,
what makes you think I like it!"

So, I carefully trimmed them. 

The reddish brown hair and greenish blue eyes
are a nice combination,
but I have not found the Autumn colors
to go with the pink in her clothes or in her face up.

So much for eyes #1 and wig #1.
Changing eyes and wigs seem to be a quest 
in finding one's self in the life of a BJD,
and my Ante is not quite there yet.

I have one Fairyland Ante,
and we will find a look that shines for her.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


For over a year, I have been considering another BJD,
preferably in the 10 inch size range.

About a month ago, I rekindled my interest in the 
Fairyland LittleFee dolls
and had chosen Ante as my preferred face mold.

Last week, a long time online doll friend
offered her LittleFee Ante up for adoption.
I eagerly completed the deal!

She arrived yesterday.

While looking for clothes,
I found this outfit that the same friend
had made for another doll of mine about 10 years ago.

It not only fit, but seemed fitting to dress her in this
cute birdhouse themed romper.

At the moment, she is still waiting for a wig.
I will also be changing her eyes to a brighter blue
to go with her lighter brown wig.

I believe her name is "Grace",
but it may change once she gets herself all together.
Right now,
she is happy to be the center of attention!