Sunday, July 20, 2014


For over a year, I have been considering another BJD,
preferably in the 10 inch size range.

About a month ago, I rekindled my interest in the 
Fairyland LittleFee dolls
and had chosen Ante as my preferred face mold.

Last week, a long time online doll friend
offered her LittleFee Ante up for adoption.
I eagerly completed the deal!

She arrived yesterday.

While looking for clothes,
I found this outfit that the same friend
had made for another doll of mine about 10 years ago.

It not only fit, but seemed fitting to dress her in this
cute birdhouse themed romper.

At the moment, she is still waiting for a wig.
I will also be changing her eyes to a brighter blue
to go with her lighter brown wig.

I believe her name is "Grace",
but it may change once she gets herself all together.
Right now,
she is happy to be the center of attention!

1 comment:

  1. She is adorable! Congratulations on your newest companion! And congratulations to Grace for finding herself an awesome home! - Miri