Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out and About On a Cold Winter Day

After a week and a half of staying at home during
the cold temperatures of Christmas Vacation,
it was time to get out and meet my doll-friendly friend for breakfast.

We started the morning at 9 am
at one of her favorite breakfast restaurants;
The Egg and I.

We chatted and chatted and chatted.

We enjoyed breakfast and chatted and chatted and chatted.
She invited me over to her house and out for some shopping.

Her Christmas decorations were still up,
so Amaya had another seasonal photo op.

My friend loves the Stealers!

She also has some really cute Christmas village pieces.

We went to several stores she had gift cards for,
and did some Christmas shopping.
We talked about how cold it was.
And then decided to stop by another restaurant
for a bit of dessert.

I had the double chocolate indulgence cake.

My friend had a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.
I love it that I have a friend who slid her dessert over
and encouraged me to photograph it with my doll!

My friend also enjoyed some tea.

By 3 pm, we dropped her car back at her house.

I had an old log cabin dollhouse in my storage unit
that I offered to her. She gladly accepted it.
So, off we went to my storage unit to retrieve the log cabin.

Her husband came and picked her up after a few moments 
of show and tell with my new dollhouse.
All and all, we ended up on a high note.
She was very excited about the log cabin dollhouse,
and we had a great day of friendship together.
Good friends are priceless.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Introducing Amaya

On Saturday morning,
Ella and Amaya decided to sit quietly
and wait for the mail carrier to come with the mail.
After all, something interesting might arrive!

I checked my tracking information,
and we didn't have to wait long!
At 10:30, Amaya's wig and a Kelly outfit were scanned
as being delivered to my apartment mailbox.
In addition to the wig and outfit,
her untracked eyes also arrived.

It was time to get to work replacing her eyes
and dealing with eye putty in tiny eye sockets.

Even though the above photos are really cute,
I also became more distressed as I realized
that I had been looking at a bald doll all week,
and the reality of big hair was a bit much.

I took out the scissors to trim her bangs.

What did I think was wrong with this?

By morning, Amaya had an official "mommy cut".
It was a little lopsided and thinner on one side.
Fortunately, I have cut enough wigs to figure
out where the imbalance was.

I trimmed the layer underneath to thin the top layer
and trimmed a bit more to add bangs to the side that was thinner.

It still looks like I cut her hair, but this is where she told me to STOP.
Do not cut anymore hair.

It looks like her and is workable.
Acceptable, but not fabulous.
But, so far, I am not compelled to buy another wig for her
due to a bad haircut.

The other "story" is that the Kelly Gap outfit
with overalls and a red striped shirt is really cute,
but doesn't fit well.
Old Kelly has shorter legs than Amaya!
Also the overalls are stiff and the snaps on the side
make her look wider than she is.
From now on, no Kelly pants.
Only summer wear, shorts, costumes, etc.

Amaya decided that if she was going to wear Kelly clothes,
she might as well have fun,
so on came the fairy outfit.

She reminded me of a three year old dancing
around the house in a tutu,
and then insisting on wearing it to the grocery store.

Friday, December 26, 2014

PukiPuki at Home

My little PukiPuki arrived on Monday Dec 22nd,
about 2 1/2 months earlier than I expected her.
I am absolutely in love with her!
She and Ella are such a cute pair!

I spent the days before Christmas ordering her a wig, eyes, and
warmer clothes for cooler weather.
The wig and eyes, and some of the clothes should arrive by next week.

Meanwhile, she tried on the Kelly clothes and played with whatever she could find.
The Re-ment proved to be just her size!

She fits on the bicycle when I hold her,
but I have not been able to get her to sit on it without my holding her.

The waffles were a "Fun Meal"!
She especially loved the whip cream on top!

When she posed with the Christmas set,
she discovered a little pink bear that resembles a Care Bear
without a symbol on its tummy.

Now, the bear is hers.

How about some Christmas cookies?


I am currently assembling a Country Cottage dollhouse kit.
She may eventually be the resident, but it is not ready to move
into yet.

I decided that my building efforts needed to go into the dollhouse,
so I found a foam core room box I had made years ago for 
a Route 66 theme Country Store.

I went to my storage unit a few miles away,
and retrieved some log cabin themed dollhouse furniture.
I found a smaller Boyds Bear quilt that worked with the
Route 66 trim and log cabin theme.

Overall, it turned into a really cute country/mountain hotel
cabin by a river or lake.

But, she just looked at me with this sad little face.
The Route 66 River Cabin was not her style.
Okay, okay, so off to the craft store I went the day before Christmas.

I made a small foam core room box.
The floor and wallpaper are scrapbook papers.
I found the window through Google.
It is printed on card stock.

She asked me where the furniture was.
Well, when you hire a contractor and an interior designer
to make something just for you, it might take some time.
She likes it, but the bed is also in the mail.

On Christmas morning, both girls were surprised to see 
a large tree in Ella's room.

I was happy that my little PukiPuki was a Christmas surprise for me!

But, don't worry, Ella is still hanging out with us.
They are such a cute pair!
Both girls are Ante face molds.
Ella has human ears.
The PukiPuki has elf ears.

The day after Christmas, I cleaned up some decorations
around my apartment.
The few Christmas touches are still in the Lati House.
My PukiPuki found the gingerbread house (ornament).

The cookies by Tes look as delicious as they did when
they arrived on Monday!


The Christmas radio, books, 
and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by Wendy
are still on Ella's dresser.

PukiPuki loves to play and explore!
Today is still early.
Is there anything else to get into today?

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Arrival

I went out to run some errands. 
As I started my lunch, I noticed the USPS truck stopping
in front of my apartment.
I went to my door to see if it was for me
since I was expecting a package.
I had to sign for this package, and it was larger than I expected.
I looked down, and it was from Fairyland.

I placed an order for a PukiPuki Ante on Halloween,
but was not expecting her arrival until St. Patrick's Day
due to their 5 month wait at the time of order.
I had not checked the status of the order,
and was so thrilled that I wondered if my doll had actually arrived.

Yes, she is here on time for Christmas!

She was welcomed home by Ella.

After I finished my lunch,
I went to my mail box to pick up the expected package.
Cookies arrived from Tes!
They had a delicious celebration!

Welcome home!