Monday, December 22, 2014

New Arrival

I went out to run some errands. 
As I started my lunch, I noticed the USPS truck stopping
in front of my apartment.
I went to my door to see if it was for me
since I was expecting a package.
I had to sign for this package, and it was larger than I expected.
I looked down, and it was from Fairyland.

I placed an order for a PukiPuki Ante on Halloween,
but was not expecting her arrival until St. Patrick's Day
due to their 5 month wait at the time of order.
I had not checked the status of the order,
and was so thrilled that I wondered if my doll had actually arrived.

Yes, she is here on time for Christmas!

She was welcomed home by Ella.

After I finished my lunch,
I went to my mail box to pick up the expected package.
Cookies arrived from Tes!
They had a delicious celebration!

Welcome home!

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