Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Museum

The Pueblo Indian Cultural Center
in Albuquerque is an education center
representing the 19 pueblos in New Mexico.
Residents and visitors can enjoy the museum,
a restaurant, gift shop, and demonstration dances
by members of the regional pueblos.

I realized that I had not been to the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center
for about 10 years!
They have done a lot of remodeling and restructuring since my last visit.

I asked about their photography policy,
and off I went to explore the newly remodeled museum.

The first room was
"100 Years of State and Federal Policy:
The Impact on Pueblo Nations"

This room had posters with a lot of words documenting
the political history of the Pueblo people from the time of the
Spaniards, to the youth and people of modern times.

The Pueblos of New Mexico

The Zia symbol is on the New Mexico state flag.

The next exhibit we visited was
"Albuquerque Indian School Retrospective
with a Vision Forward"

Albuquerque was the location of the
Albuquerque Indian School (AIS).
This exhibit featured items that were used at the school
or made by the students
along with information about the school and the experience
of the students there.

I was surprised when we walked into a children/family room!

There was a small kitchen corner with a vintage stove.
Children's pottery had been left to dry on the stove top.

Why aren't there any children here?

This looks like a fun place to play!

The last area we visited was the historic area.
This area is titled
Our Land, Our Culture, Our Story

This is the original area of the museum,
predating the renovations.

Pueblo Pottery

The museum has them displayed in window by Pueblo.
I am not as fluent with the designs without the labels,
but it is all beautiful!

The center courtyard is in a circle.
There are paintings on several areas of the walls.
The main courtyard features a circular performance area
in the dirt where warm-weather Pueblo demonstration dances are held.

Now where to?

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