Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out and About On a Cold Winter Day

After a week and a half of staying at home during
the cold temperatures of Christmas Vacation,
it was time to get out and meet my doll-friendly friend for breakfast.

We started the morning at 9 am
at one of her favorite breakfast restaurants;
The Egg and I.

We chatted and chatted and chatted.

We enjoyed breakfast and chatted and chatted and chatted.
She invited me over to her house and out for some shopping.

Her Christmas decorations were still up,
so Amaya had another seasonal photo op.

My friend loves the Stealers!

She also has some really cute Christmas village pieces.

We went to several stores she had gift cards for,
and did some Christmas shopping.
We talked about how cold it was.
And then decided to stop by another restaurant
for a bit of dessert.

I had the double chocolate indulgence cake.

My friend had a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.
I love it that I have a friend who slid her dessert over
and encouraged me to photograph it with my doll!

My friend also enjoyed some tea.

By 3 pm, we dropped her car back at her house.

I had an old log cabin dollhouse in my storage unit
that I offered to her. She gladly accepted it.
So, off we went to my storage unit to retrieve the log cabin.

Her husband came and picked her up after a few moments 
of show and tell with my new dollhouse.
All and all, we ended up on a high note.
She was very excited about the log cabin dollhouse,
and we had a great day of friendship together.
Good friends are priceless.

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