Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn's Fall

Autumn was delighted when she found out
that her season had arrived!

Is it too early to see where our local leaves
are turning into fall colors?

We went to the Pueblo Montano Trailhead
to see the forest trees near the river.

Most trees still have a lot of green leaves,
but some leaves are turning yellow.

It can be hard to see as they are in the process
of fading and turning colors.

We didn't go all the way to the river, but we
did walk near the arroyo.

We could see more leaves turning yellow
among the collection of green trees!

Autumn tried to find beautiful fall leaves on the trees
and get closer to what she found.

What we learned is that many of our leaves turning yellow
are up high. Some that are lower are turning brown
and look very earthy!

Autumn posed with yellow flowers as we got ready
to leave. She could be fully photographed while standing
on the post. She is interested in her next adventure
and seeing more!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Taos Trade Fair

On Saturday, September 24th, it was time to get
ready to leave to Taos. But, in the morning,
we went to the Taos Trade Fair at the Martinez Hacienda.

The Martinez Hacienda is an older adobe home that
was owned by a higher level family long ago. It is now
a museum for visitors.

The Martinez Hacienda and Taos Trade Fair were also an early
part of history as mountain men and Native American people came
together in peace to trade goods with each other.

The annual modern version of the Taos Trade Fair
has had a history of sales booths and other activities
filling the property. There seems to have been some transitions
and it was much a much smaller even than I had been to
more than 10 years ago.

A group of tribal people danced in the main front
courtyard while the drummers sang and drummed.

There were visitors in the seats and against the walls.

The hacienda has been decorated for the event.

The front courtyard was lined with family flags.

There are educational notes throughout the plaza
as a museum. On the wall by the gate, the adobe
is not covered by more adobe. It shows the bricks
and how they are sealed together.

The smaller front door opens to a museum gift shop.
It is normally where visitors enter and pay their entrance fee.

Ella was fascinated by the bright red chile!

Ella and I walked to the back section of the hacienda.

There are multiple rooms for visitors. For the event,
many people worked in the rooms and displayed different
types of arts in New Mexico, such as weaving, quilting,
and working with wood. Some of them offered their works for sale.
Some provided activities like pounding art into tin squares.

The weaving room is one room where Ella had been before.

Looms and other traditionally made clothing in frames
are full time displays in this museum room.

When we arrived shortly after they opened,
this back courtyard was open. It later had a food sales booth set up.

We walked around a few rooms. One room used for Josefina
as a dress up room for children was suspicious. The two Josefinas
that we have seen here had been put away elsewhere.
I assume it was to prevent theft at the event, but perhaps
there is another reason. We were told by the cashiers that they
had a drawing to give away a Josefina, but I assume that it is a newer
Josefina, not one they have had for play.

We walked out to the front lawn near the river.

There were mountain men and women as people to talk
to and a few events. As we walked by, there were men
throwing the ax at a wood target.

Our favorite mountain men area was near a river.

Ella posed by the fence and river.

After a thorough visit both to the Taos Trade Fair
and our three days of adventures, it was time to go home.
We were delighted to see that early fall has arrived!