Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn's Fall

Autumn was delighted when she found out
that her season had arrived!

Is it too early to see where our local leaves
are turning into fall colors?

We went to the Pueblo Montano Trailhead
to see the forest trees near the river.

Most trees still have a lot of green leaves,
but some leaves are turning yellow.

It can be hard to see as they are in the process
of fading and turning colors.

We didn't go all the way to the river, but we
did walk near the arroyo.

We could see more leaves turning yellow
among the collection of green trees!

Autumn tried to find beautiful fall leaves on the trees
and get closer to what she found.

What we learned is that many of our leaves turning yellow
are up high. Some that are lower are turning brown
and look very earthy!

Autumn posed with yellow flowers as we got ready
to leave. She could be fully photographed while standing
on the post. She is interested in her next adventure
and seeing more!

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