Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Trip to the Botanic Garden

There is a little more time left in the summer.
What is growing at the botanic garden?

There was lots of green, and the dragon breathing steam!

We felt the humidity go up when we walked through
the gate and into the front of the children's area,
where the dragon lives!

September is the time of year for sunflowers to grow bigger!

The fountain is one of my favorite places to visit first.

The fountain is near the entrance, but it is not
on or filled with water during the winter.

Ella watched it bubbling.

There were flowers in the main area,
but they were different flowers than the ones
from the spring or the early summer.

We walked past the greenhouse to the exhibits
toward the back of the of botanic garden.

Apples were growing on the apple tree!
Ella can't wait to come back and see them in a
month or so!

The most currently built area is a rose garden
with buildings around it, including a meeting room,
a bathroom, and a room that can be used for food sales.

Many roses have now grown and are blooming.

Ella decided that we should go to Sasebo Japanese Garden
next on our places to visit.

We stopped to watch the train pass.
Wait...this train is missing a car! Do you know which
car is not on this train?

The train continued on the track into the Heritage Farm area.

We stopped by the outside of the
Sasebo Japanese Garden before going in.

The main feature on the inside is the pond with the waterfall.

We sat on the rocks at the end of the pond.

There was a Black Crowned Night Heron on a rock in the pond.

I have not seen it here regularly, but it was here
on March 25, 2016. I wonder if it is migrating.

It appeared to be watching the fish for lunch.

We walked from the flat rock over the platform.

The flat rock we had been on is visible in the corner.

The Black Crowned Night Heron is a beautiful bird!

There are ducks and large Koi fish that live in the pond.

We continued to walk on the trail around the pond.

Time for another photo!

Our last visit was to the Heritage Farm.

It has a small, adobe house representing the early
homes in this area.

Our last stop was along the fence facing the animal barn.

Uh...yep...let's turn around and go home!

It was a nice visit, but one of the joys of being a member
is that we can visit when we'd like and not stop
for everything in every visit. was lunch time!

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