Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall in the Taos Plaza

On Tuesday, September 20th, my mom invited
me to visit her in Taos for the week. I went to spend time
with her and to search for more fall than we have further south
in Albuquerque.

We went for breakfast on Wednesday morning.
As we drove down a side road, I saw the chamisa
and the trees in yellow! I asked if we could pull over and
photograph the scenery near the plaza!

After breakfast, my mom stopped by the bookstore.
I walked down John Dunn plaza near the main plaza.

They have a fountain that is the right size for small dolls!
They also had wasps around the water, so we did not

stay long for photographs near the fountain.

We walked a little further into the plaza to see the trees
and the plaza.

Some trees were turning fall colors.

We enjoyed watching people and seeing both the buildings
that have been here for a long time, and the change in seasons.

There were no doubts that it is changing into fall!

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