Thursday, September 15, 2016

The End of Summer

It is the end of summer. On September 13th, we visited
the Open Space Visitor Center.

We looked to see if any leaves had started to turn colors.

Not quite yet, but there were a lot of sunflowers
in several variations.

We walked around outside, and the grass was very green,
and the afternoon sky was very blue!

The bear in the log carving looked out over the field
with the spider companion nearby.

In a month or two, there will be cranes and geese
migrating and stopping along the open field.

 For now, the field was green, but there were no birds feeding
or resting on it.

The flowers were the most prominent feature. 
Some had bees feeding off of them. 
Some flowers were losing their petals.

We walked around the outside of the building.

The marsh in the parking lot is a perennial marsh.
The sign says the water will turn first to mud and
disappear in October.

The plants had grown in and around the marsh,
making it  harder to see the water from the edges.

Ella posed on the post along the edge
as she has done periodically.

With the taller plants, it was harder to see the water
from most of the edges.

We looked up and saw the mountains with the green
plants along the edges and in the field.

They have grown abundantly, and we still have a little time
of green as we reach the end of summer.

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