Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall in the Taos Ski Valley

Friday, September 23rd was my birthday.
My day! We continued to go further north to see fall.

Our first stop was to the north of Taos.

The Overland Sheepskin Co. is an area with businesses,
but I love their landscaping!

It was not as abundant in green plants as it would be in July,
but was still a full garden in transition.

They have a larger pond that was predominantly in the shade.
Ella chose a smaller pond to be photographed in the sun.

Behind her, there were wind sculptures.

It was very windy out, but I was glad that it was wind
and not rain or snow as Ella and my camera would not
have come out on this trip.

There is more land in the back of the stores.

The property behind the fence is the property of the
Taos Pueblo.

After our stop at the Overland Sheepskin Company,
we went further north to see the aspen trees
at the Taos Ski Valley.

It was colder and windy, but beautiful!

We walked up a short trail near the parking lot.

The golden aspens were stunning!

I found fall!

Beautiful and amazing!!!

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