Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Quiet Trip to a Park

Much of the area where I live has been a newer
area of residential construction. Ella and I traveled
up the mesa to an area that was once all dirt.

Years ago, children played in the large dirt lot on the mesa,
but now there is a park that has a field for sports games.

I liked the view of the mountain,
but Ella was ready to play on the equipment.

The park has a more traditional climbing structure,
but it also had loops to climb through.

I thought they were interesting photo subjects.

Ella was happy that she could balance while sitting
on a loop!

Ella's favorite structure was rock climbing!

Ella started out sitting, but realized that she could
stand up on the rock!

We went to the other side of the rock.
Look at the clouds!

Is it time to think or dream?

Ella said it was time for lunch....

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