Saturday, August 20, 2016

Green Chile Roasting!

Ella played hopscotch this morning. Autumn wanted
to play with her, but was not big enough to play
on the hopscotch. She tried playing with the jump rope,
but had a hard time jumping successfully.

She asked what she could do to play.

Autumn I went up to visit Wagner Farms to see the
roasting green chile! Autumn was happy to get out and
have her own adventure!

The green chile is purchased in the seasonal shop
and then can be roasted outside.

It starts out being green as a vegetable like bell peppers.

It is roasted in a rotating roast with a fire.

When the green chile is done, it is taken out of the roaster
and put in a bag for the customer to take  home.
Customers can then freeze their roasted chile and use it in
cooking as desired.

There are many people who buy bags of green chile,
so the roasting continues as long as there are customers.

It was very hot near the wall as the fires were burning.

Before we left, Autumn wanted to see the chile baskets
inside. Customer can pick up a basket and purchase the
whole basket. There is also a table with individual chiles
so that customers can decide to purchase less.

My taste buds are too sensitive for chile,
so Autumn has not seen it. She asked about the way
that people eat green chile. It can be used in stews
like posole or the pork stew, or in many traditional
New Mexican meals.

But, green chile is pretty much used on any food
people decide to put it on; especially with cheese!

Chile burgers and chile pizza are common as long as there
is chile available!

Life in New Mexico....

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