Friday, August 5, 2016

Sage's Walk in the Woods

Sage changed into a comfortable, favorite
outdoor outfit this morning. It did not take her long
to convince me to return to the woods where she visited
in February of this year.

The trees are now fully green and the bushes
are growing tall!

She said she was glad the La Llorona is not real!
She comes at night to take children away!

We went over the irrigation ditch.

It was warm and humid for August, and there were muddy areas
on the ground from last night's rain.

We walked under the road bridge to visit
where I had taken her in February.

I looked on the ground for where to sit for Sage
to be photographed on the ground, and my first choice
in the shade had several ant holes and lots of ants
on the dirt where I needed to sit!

I found another place in the sun where there
were not so many ants.

With the heat in the temperature,
I wondered about Sage in the plaid shirt.
She said she was "cool"!

She had worn it in February. Her wig had not been
changed at that point, but she insisted that she would
look the same in the plaid shirt.

Well, apparently I was the one walking and getting warm!

She said the shirt would keep her from being bitten by
bugs or sunburned.

She asked to sit on the log.
What fun!

Our next stop was the river.

This is a beautiful place to visit!

We looped around and walked back down
the trail to where we entered the woods.

When she saw the eagle, she said she was proud
to be an American. The eagle is our country's symbol.

The green of summer is something to appreciate
and enjoy!


  1. Lovely photos Tracy, I think this little AG of yours is very sweet. I like the outfit on her, I like these girls, and this face in particular, when I can't see the cloth body, they have such cute legs! One day, if I ever get the chance to see one an AG in real life, I might have to think about how I'd get on with the cloth bits!!!
    PS Love that eagle, it's beautifully carved.

    1. Thank you! What I like about her cloth body is that she is huggable! I also don't tend to reveal more than what is showing of her neck.

      The carved eagle and the other log carvings at the trailhead were carved a year after a fire burned many of the trees. The carved trees had been damaged by the fire. They were carved by a retired firefighter in memory of the hard work that the firefighters did overnight to keep the houses from burning down. The log carving of the man in the yellow shirt is a fire fighter. I enjoy this location!