Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Park Above

Late yesterday afternoon, I did a search for parks
so that I would have somewhere to go to get out of my apartment.

A park called "A Park Above" looked like it was above
what the local sports park offered, or what many parks offer,
for play equipment. I visited it on Monday evening, and brought
Ella back on Tuesday morning in hopes of taking photos without
many people in them.

They have a sand area where children can dig in the sand.
I later discovered that one pole is a water spray
I assume it is for creating damp dirt underneath it
and providing a way to cool off visitors.

They have a variety of play equipment meant for different
ages and sizes. I actually watched adults on the teeter-totter
with the green seats. Ella was later under the green arch
with the holes in it near the back of the below photo.

The first place we visited was the space with the musical
instruments. They are under a tarp as many areas are
to protect visitors from the sun and a light rain.

Ella tried the wind chime. All of the instruments in this area
can be played by visitors.

We continued to walk around. The log has a
built in bench inside of it!

A Park Above is fairly large and spread out.
There is a slope that leads to the top of the hill
and more seating and play areas.

Another feature of this park is that it is handicapped
accessible. There are a variety of places to play,
including some areas with wheelchair access
or places like swings meant to seat larger children with more
significant disabilities.

Artificial lawns are in the areas with play equipment.
It can be seen as preserving the grass, but once I walked on it,
I realized that it was cushioned for the safety of children who may fall.

I am not quite sure what to do with the black net
other than providing a space to climb in that requires
being more thoughtful of where you put your hands and feet.

It reminded me of a state fair and a game of climbing up
a rope or tossing something up the hill!

Ella knew she can stand on the panel used for climbing!

I originally came early to be respectful and not photograph
people if I could avoid doing it. What I also discovered was waiting
my turn as children played on each structure!

I was happy that there were some places where
Ella could sit or stand for a photo...or two...or three!

We walked up to the top view above the slides.
I sat on the bench for a few minutes.

The funny thing about this sign is that I have been an elementary
teacher. This is a main group of children who play, but that did
not include the adults, the teens, or the younger children playing here!
There were adults who mostly seemed to have their younger children with them.

The walkway had a view of the play area where I
had walked around when I arrived.

A favorite area for this time of year is the water spray area.
The few children here when I arrived were younger children
in their underwear, and out of respect, and privacy,
I did not want to photograph one or two younger children.

Eventually, I did photograph one from the distance.

Ella played on a checkers table for a few minutes.
Another place that is her size!

Look! There is a riding dog that is black and white
like the checker board!!!

We walked over to the green arch that I call a mushroom.
A little girl about 3 came in the other side. I said, "hello" to her
and then sat quietly. She sat quietly inside for a few minutes,
then left. I don't know if she wanted me to leave, but I have more
patience than a 3 year old.

Okay...yes we could have left to give the child space
and not make her uncomfortable.

A group in blue shirts are most likely in a child care group.
School starts next week. I saw another adult photographing
someone in the larger group of older kids.

I photographed another boy in the water.

Ella sat on the rock with the water group behind her.

What a fabulous park! Out of curiosity, I looked it up. I noticed
that the trees were young and that this park is probably not an
older, established park.
Based on what I read, I believe the park
was opened in February of this year.

This is a park, and I was here for almost an hour and a half.
I finally decided that it was time to go. The slope is pretty
cool with the plants that swayed in the wind.


No climbing on the volcanic rocks in the landscape 
after the park has this much climbing equipment?

I probably won't be here often since I don't
have a child to take with me to play here,
but it was a wonderful place to discover!

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