Friday, July 29, 2016

Sage Visit's Old Town

I am enjoying handling Sage,
but I must admit that taking her out is still uncomfortable.
I am willing to take her to places I am more familiar with,
so this morning we went to Old Town.

I have taken my companion dolls out to pose in front
of the San Felipe de Neri church in Old Town for years.

I had thought about it all week, and today was her turn
to pose in front of the church that was founded in 1709
and was a part of the founding of Albuquerque.

Sometimes I see things that I know were built many
years ago, but I don't always think about how the
architecture, design, and land around it had changed.
The only thing I recognize to identify it as the
San Felipe de Neri church are the towers.

The church was built in a plaza square that
has become a shopping square.

After visiting the church, we went to the fountain
across the street.

One thing I am enjoying about taking Sage out
is that she is large and can stand on her own.

She is usually easy to photograph.

Our next stop was at shop called Covered Wagon.
The wagon wheels outside are also where
I frequently pose my companions.

We continued to walk down the sidewalk.
In another old photo from around the 1950's
there is a photo of the shops and a tree trunk
in the sidewalk.

The tree trunk is still there! I also enjoyed the photo
of the older station wagon near the tree trunk!
Although the trees are much larger the light on my camera
was different, the building at the end is still there.

In the middle of the plaza, there is a gazebo.
Today, there was a wedding and then photos of the wedding
inside of the gazebo. I did not photograph it out of respect.
These are some of my earlier photo of what the plaza
square looks like in the middle.

The gazebo was in a 1950's postcard!
I am interested in how it is the same and how it has changed.

One of the side plazas has a wishing well.

It is another area that had been developed by the 1950's.

I love how green it now is in a garden in front of the well.
I am not surprised that it was not once not filled
with plants.

It was time to leave after our quick visit.
Sage was certain that she wanted to pose with chile ristras!



  1. Very neat Sage, I love going places with Mama too .. looks like you had a fun time .. I would love to have somewhere to go like that, but we live in the middle of no where .. LOL