Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saraya's Trip Out to the Botanic Garden

Ella visited the Butterfly Pavilion at the Botanic Garden
a few days ago. Today, I returned to the Botanic Garden
to visit the other areas in the park.

Saraya is a Lati Yellow SP in a tan color with the Momo face mold.
She is 8 inches tall, and around 2008-09 had many adventures.

She now lives in a box with her clothes.
Today was her special day to get out.

We entered the Botanic Garden when they opened
at 9 am to make sure it was cool enough in the morning.

First, we visited the Heritage Farm.

Heritage Farm is an active exhibit area
with a farm house, a barn with animals and a produce barn 
from the 1920's-1940's.

We stepped to the side for Saraya to pose
with a log with plants growing in it.

Saraya wanted to make sure that she was posed
in a standing up position and not just held up
in every photo.

July 10, 2008

We walked past the farm house to the barn in the back.

It has animals like sheep, goats, a very large cow,
horses, and chickens.

The farm also has crops. They have grapes growing
that I believe are used in wine or in feeding zoo animals.

There is an apple orchard, but many of the apples are
used when they make apple cider in early October.

They look delicious!

We watched a train pass by from the path near the apples.
I believe it moved slowly in this area due to possible foot traffic.

Saraya posed next to a pond near the farm house
as we walked past it again to leave the exhibit.

There is a produce barn in the Heritage Farm area.
This is where they juice apples and sell the cider
in early October. 

It used to be visible from a walkway
near it, but the plants and trees have now grown too big
to see the produce barn from the path beyond the exhibit!

July 10, 2008

There are two trains that commute between the Botanic Garden
and the Zoo as they are both on the Bio Park Property.
As we walked toward the Sasebo Japanese Garden,
the second train passed us on the tracks.

Sasebo Japanese Garden was designed by a Japanese
designer of Japanese gardens. The plants are from this
region so that they can grow, but there are other features
in the design that lean back toward it being a Japanese garden.
Sasebo Japanese Garden was opened in the fall of 2007.

My favorite part of Sasebo Japanese Garden
is the waterfall with the pond in the center of the exhibit.

Saraya found the waterfall to be beautiful.

July 10, 2008

The other features were also important.

Saraya was in a photo long ago when the plants
had not grown as much as they have now!

July 10, 2008

We walked around the pond, and Saraya posed
on the other side of the waterfall.

We left Sasebo Japanese Garden
with another place to go!

We went to the station to ride the train!

On the way to the zoo, we rode in the train with
the tarp over the top of it.

We rode behind the car with the red slats.

When busy, the two trains both run. They pass each
other in the middle at Tingley Beach, which is a fishing pond.

We watched the other train pass.

The train passed the pond.

The forest is on the other side of the track.

The train entered the zoo.

The passengers that had been riding the train got off
when it arrived at the zoo station. I move up to the red
train car before the visitors who were waiting entered the train.

Saraya enjoyed riding the real train!

There is an elephant enclosure across from the train station.

The full train headed back toward the Botanic Garden.

We passed Tingley Beach in the other direction.

We entered the Botanic Garden again.
There was a good view of the Butterfly Pavilion!

The train passed the Sasebo Japanese Garden.

This was where I had videoed the other train!

It looped around through the Heritage Farm.

This was where I had stood when I videoed
this train earlier this morning!

The train headed back toward the Botanic Garden station
where we got off the train and the next group got on the train.

There was one more train area to see in the Botanic Garden!

There is a model train exhibit!

 Saraya found the train she liked the best.
It traveled on the tracks behind her.

Saraya was in some of the last photos for her outing today,

but I also created a video for the model train
passing by. It was hot and time to leave,
but this morning was an enjoyable visit!