Saturday, October 1, 2016

Early Fall at the Botanic Garden

Autumn's favorite season is fall!!!

Yesterday, she was very excited about seeing how
nature had changed at the botanic garden.

The first thing she noticed is that they have set out flowers
and plants in the fall colors.

The first place we visited was the model train exhibit.

The trees are still green, but the trains were fun to watch.

We soon continued to walk around.
What?!!! We are leaving the trains?

The green marsh is still in the pond. I am looking forward
to it being a clear pond again.

The green leaves in smaller trees are fading into yellow.

We walked across a bridge. One thing that they are doing
is starting to set up for the Festival of Lights, which will start
in the beginning of December. This bridge had blue lights wrapped
around the railing.

Another tree had some yellow leaves!

The first larger exhibit area that we visited
was the Heritage Farm.

The farm house is a model of early adobe farm homes
in this area. It is from around the 1930's.

Pumpkins were lining the edges as a seasonal decoration.

Hmmm...I found one that was upside down!
I turned it back over, but it was dirty!

There is a barn behind the house.

Are the leaves on the big trees turning yellow?

The big purple flowers are beautiful!
This is a time of year transitioning late summer into early fall.

We walked behind the barn to the apple orchard.
Next weekend, the apples will be processed into
fresh apple juice in the produce barn!

We were able to see the fully grown apples on the trees.

Autumn had her eyes out for a branch she could sit on
to pose with the apples.

They look delicious!

This is definitely a sign of fall.

We walked back toward the barn.
Look, a tree with fall leaves!

We walked around the barn to see some of the animals
who live in the barn.

The red barn on the property is an educational and produce barn.

Next Saturday morning, this is the place to go
to watch them sorting and grinding the apples into juice
and then buying some fresh apple juice!

We walked down the path to the Japanese Garden.
Some leaves were turning yellow. They also had orange

flowers lining the path.

The larger trees were not quite ready for fall.

Some of the smaller plants and some sections
were starting to make the transition.

The Japanese Garden is a beautiful place to visit!

Look, fall leaves!!!

Yes, it is a time of changes.

Autumn stopped by the orange flowers on the path.

The main courtyard entrance had displays of pumpkins
and bales of straw for people to photograph their families.

Autumn decided she wanted another pumpkin
photograph before we left.

The orange flowers were the last to say
"Thank you for visiting! Come back soon!"

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