Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Leaves

Our leaves along the Rio Grande through Albuquerque
are turning yellow. Autumn went on a walk to see the leaves.

We decided to walk over part of the bridge first
as I had seen the leaves with a strong yellow brightness.

We overlooked the trail below.

Autumn could also pose near the leaves in the taller trees.

We did not walk far down the bridge,
but turned back to see the cluster of trees from the ground.

I walked into a tree grove, and saw a professional photographer
photographing two darling girls and their parents with the fall trees!

I photographed Autumn with a group of trees to the side
of where the photographer and the family were being photographed.

 We walked back to the trailhead with the wood carvings.

I loved the blue sky and the bush behind
the figure of La Llorona.

We noticed the moon in the sky
above the owl and ravens.

We noticed and appreciated the many trees of fall!

Soon, the leaves will fall from these trees,
but for now, they are the beautiful trees of fall.

Autumn enjoyed her trip out to see fall!

1 comment:

  1. I love your moon photograph! The wood carvings are really cool too.
    It looks like Autumn had a fun Fall day enjoying the great outdoors.