Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Littlefee Arrives

For awhile, I had wanted to replace Ella.
She started out with a long time friend.
She arrived with me 2 1/2 years ago.
She has been a main companion I have much loved,
but she had a yellowed/greenish face with scratches,
and other issues in her body and face.
As a long time goal, I ordered a new Littlefee Ante when I had the money.

Ella went to bed on Sunday night, telling stories to her rabbit
with my best wishes for her transformation.

On November 7th, the new Littlefee Ante arrived.
Even in the evening photos, it is clear that Ella was ready
for her repairs and restoration in becoming a new doll.

On November 8th, I had the day off from work.
Ella woke up in the morning as her new self.

She posed her new body.

By the late afternoon, we went outside to pose with the
fall trees.

It is taking me some time to get used to her.
Even though her face looks very similar, her resin face
is not yellowed and there is some variation in her face up.
I am learning that sometimes, replacing something that I have had
means that there is some difference in the new item.
I was much used to the tone in her resin and in how her face up was done.
I am now getting used to her, and she is much loved as she
always has been.


  1. The new Ella looks really good. It does take time to get used to a newly re-shelled doll. (I am in the middle of re-shelling quite a few of mine.)
    It is strange to see just how yellow/green that resin had turned. I am kind of nervous now. About two years ago I also purchased a Littlefee Ante, but I have been too busy to do anything with her. Hopefully she has aged well in her box. I had better get her out soon!

  2. She looks lovely, and although I'd not noticed the yellowing in your previous photos, it was a 'wow' moment when I saw the original Ella next to the new Ella! I'm glad that she's fitting in and you're happy to have her as she's very sweet looking.