Sunday, November 20, 2016


Ella enjoyed the Albuquerque Museum yesterday,
but said that she really wanted to go to the Natural History and Science
Museum. This morning, we had our second museum visit this weekend.

There are many dinosaur skeletons.

There is a smaller room next to the above skeleton 
near the entry with more animals. 
Some are real animals like a few snakes or turtles, 
and some are the skeletons of smaller animals.

The pine cones and a pod that looks like it belonged
to a coconut tree were big!

A turtle I met in my last visit here may be searching
to be fed more food.

 The fossil rocks were also very large!

A bone just outside of the room reminded me of
an airplane!

Another dinosaur model had young dinosaurs!

Wolves posed by the window and an illustration
showing what they would look like.

Our favorite room had dinosaur skeleton models.
Ella posed for more photos with them.

Hmmmm....this is what they would have looked like!

Ella posed with the giant dinosaurs!
Can you see them?

Can you see the dinosaur skeletons now?

Hey, did you notice the dinosaur shadow!

Finally! Ella is in a museum photo!

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