Sunday, December 11, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas!
We remember seeing the firefighters with an old fire truck
and Santa in the truck the day after Thanksgiving
in Santa Fe two years ago.

This year, the beginning of our Christmas started with
receiving a Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic fire truck
in the ornament size to play with!

The next week, I shared my antiques.
The big books belong to my person from her childhood.
I wonder if I will receive my own copies of
Little Women and Heidi for Christmas.

I love the Christmas tree on top of my house!

I also have a fireplace and the Elf Reindeer!

Some of the other areas of our apartment
have Christmas decorations, too. The kitchen has a counter
with a stove in my size, candles, and a Hallmark ornament
that are out all year. The Christmas boughs add to the decorations.

New Mexico has a unique chile flavored culture!

We even have Chile the Snowman living with us!

More friends have joined us!
Bumble came out of storage and is here to celebrate
Christmas with us. He is friendly and cuddly!

I looked into the globe that is often forgotten.
I saw the snowman and my own reflection!
Winter and Christmas are almost here!

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  1. You have some amazing props and accessories! Just love that miniature Hallmark fire engine.