Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Mexico Gingerbread at the Pueblo Cultural Center

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
is in its tenth anniversary of its annual gingerbread house contest.

Last year, Amaya visited the gingerbread houses.
The year before, Ella visited this contest.

It was time to walk around in their lobby
and see what people have made for this year!

 One building had nativity animals in a structure
that looked like an old mission church.
The rectangular cubes on top represent New Mexico luminaries.

The people in the building reminded me of Navajo people
in a church building. Maybe they were singing.

 I love the buildings with the red chile ristras on them!
This building is another church with a cross on it.

I believe the below pueblo building was one of the winners
in the contest.

It represented a beautiful, historic place to live.

There were a variety of buildings for churches
and for different types of homes.

Ella enjoyed seeing the houses and buildings.

There were buildings with different skill levels of the many
artists. I would not make structures from gingerbread, so
I admire all of them for their effort and meaningful result.

The below structure was a Navajo hogan.

The structure near it, winning 2nd place, is a church.

This is the second year I have seen the creativity of a small
pueblo in a bowl form.

One odd thing for the year was seeing a few gingerbread
houses that were more traditional. I don't believe that has been
in their rules for their contest. I have much enjoyed the display
without traditional gingerbread houses in the display.

I would love to live in the neighborhood below in a small adobe house
surrounded by more adobe houses.

One gingerbread had a location in our local history.

I love seeing the variety of the most historic homes
in New Mexico.

Ella agreed...they looked tasty!!!

No, we are not eating the gingerbread houses!
They have been here all month!

But, we can enjoy them as we start our Christmas vacation.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a wonderful assortment of gingerbread houses! Lots of different styles. (I love Ella's sweater. You always dress your dolls so nicely!)
    Merry Christmas.