Sunday, December 11, 2016

My American Girl Family

Josefina arrived to live with me in the fall of 1997,
when she was released.  I spent the next few years acquiring 
her collection, but she also collected dust as I did not handle her.
Then, my "Sage" arrived this year. I took Sage out, and decided that
it was okay to take my AG dolls out to certain locations.

Josefina's first and big outing was to El Rancho de Las Golondrinas
this summer. This location was one location used in her history. 
A Josefina is displayed in the gift shop, 
and they sell the mini Josefina dolls and books.  She is a part
of their history and how they connect people to the location.

Josefina's favorite place to visit was the 1820's kitchen
that was a part of the illustrations in the books about her!

Josefina had a second outing in the fall.
She wore her fall dress which was shown in a story
as she climbed trees for pinon nuts. She saw the green leaves
turning yellow. It matched her skirt!

As December arrived, she changed into her Christmas dress.

She still spends most of her time on display,
but I now change her clothes with the season.
I am happy to have her!

My American Girl #28 arrived last winter. I changed her wig
to have longer, darker hair that better fit into this community.
By the summer, she was my first AG to go out to an event.

I started collecting more AG items, including a few of the
Albuquerque Saige outfits and the food items.

She was thrilled to recently receive Molly's aviator outfit!

Since she arrived, I have learned a few things about American Girl. 
I am more comfortable handing the newer dolls. Josefina is a part
of my AG interest. Her clothes are being changed more often and
she is  handled sometimes, but I also really like collecting AG clothes
beyond the Josefina collection and having a doll to hold.

I then discovered that my local Toys R Us store sold AG dolls! 
I purchased #53.
I then changed her short, blond haired wig into a wig
for American Girl Marie Grace.

She became the girl I wish I had seen in the earlier doll
of Julie. Her hair was a bit darker and she has multi-line eyebrows.

I fell into an odd love with her when she also worked well
in Kirsten's clothes and Kit's clothes! She can go from
modern clothes to Julie, Kirsten, Kit, and beyond!

She had her first moment yesterday of going to the small
forest in her new outfit from the late 1990's. I enjoy collecting
what I once owned and later sold as well as new items that I have not purchased.

I also love hugging and holding my AG dolls!
They will not be going out often as I prefer my smaller
Fairyland dolls, but my three AG dolls now have a place
in my life and what I do with dolls.


  1. How lovely to read about your enjoyment of these dolls now and that you are taking them out and about a bit and also changing Josefina's clothes with the season.

    They are great dolls to just 'hold' There really is something about them.

    So envious of the Aviator outfit - that has been on our wishlist for the last four years! I always hope I will see one come up on UK Ebay.

  2. She is really cute and looks both modern and historic! I have recently purchased a #55 that is going to become my custom Laura Ingalls and I agree, they are so huggable. More so than the PC dolls, which appear to be 'chunkier' than the newer Mattel versions. Your 53's hair is lovely.