Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Trip to Old Town

I ran a Saturday morning errand,
and then Ella and I stopped by Old Town.

The larger trees in the courtyard change colors
later than many of the smaller trees and some other
larger tree varieties. We visited to see the trees changing color.

We walked around the edges of the courtyard
and visited the outsides of a few shops.

Chile is popular in New Mexico and beyond!

The "Warpath" shop has a few katchina figures on the window grating.

Ella sat on the very old tree stump in front of the shop.
There is now a black fence along the sidewalk
that for many years has made it easy to photograph
the old tree stump with the shops in the background.

I like the history of Old Town. Ella thought the outside
of this shop was pretty cool!

We crossed the street back into the courtyard
with the gazebo in the middle.

Ella stood in the leaves and posed in front of the gazebo.

She said she looks forward to more adventures!

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  1. The new Ella seems to be enjoying herself being out and about.