Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Mexico Gingerbread Contest

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
is a museum and facility for history, talks, dances, and other activities
featuring the culture of the pueblos in New Mexico.

A newer annual activity is to host a gingerbread contest
featuring the architectural style and culture of New Mexico.
It features representations of the pueblos, churches,
and New Mexico adobe style architecture.

Last year on December 20th, I took Ella to the museum
and the gingerbread display. It was the first Saturday of 
Christmas vacation as today is. Amaya arrived two days
later; on Monday, December 22, 2015.

Amaya and I set out this morning on our new annual tradition

to see the Christmas gingerbread contest at
the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

The first place adult submission represented
a traditional adobe style house.

ADAD Today I Visited..
the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

It had many details representing the architectural style
found in many traditional adobe style homes.

I loved the chiles, the luminarias, the ladder,
the pottery, and the horno oven!

A more modern style home was next to the first place home.

The next home reminded me of a pueblo with multiple stories
and ladders that lead to higher levels.

 The gingerbread contributions were set out on tables.
The map above this table shows the location of the 19 pueblos
in New Mexico.

The below contribution was done by a child.
This one was particularly well done in style.

I love the detail with the exposed adobe bricks.

Other child contributions were very colorful!

I can see how much children especially love having the candy around!

The Acoma Pueblo, also known as "Sky City"

 is a pueblo to the west of Albuquerque.
It is up on a mesa like this display demonstrates.

I believe the below submission is covered in chocolate.

I like the ladders and luminarias.

Below is a representation of a New Mexico mission church.

Amaya said it reminded her of when we had taken Voir
to the Las Trampas mission church in July.

Another noteworthy contribution
represented an older ancestral pueblo like Mesa Verde.

What a place to live!

Amaya said she really like the Christmas tree
on one of the children's entries.

Doesn't everyone want a beautiful Christmas tree
of some kind for Christmas?
Umm...and licking the frosting sounds good, too!


  1. They all look amazing. So many different types and also so many ways they were made. Esp love the graham cracker versions, but they all were very well done.

  2. what an amazing display of gingerbread houses, in the unusual pueblo style! They look so detailed! I'm so glad you posted these pics!