Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Clothes

For many doll collectors who play with their dolls,
buying a new doll is a process of adoption.
I always ask myself if I have clothes and shoes for a
potential new doll.
Can I really afford not only the doll, but also the clothes, shoes,
and toys to go with it?

At this point, I mostly try and find dolls
that will fit clothes and shoes I already have.
Round 1 in a new adoption is finding 
what I have that will work for the new doll.

But, the next rounds are sewing for a new doll
and buying new clothes and shoes just for the new doll.
It is part of the fun!

I am on a Facebook group started by Jenifer,
who owns Spampy Stuff;
making custom ordered doll clothes.

Spampy Stuff Facebook Group

The Facebook group is usually a social group for those
who like dolls in the sizes that she sews for.
It is not a self-promotion group.
But, she just opened Friday up to sales by any member.

Last  Friday, I purchased these cute pink elephant pajamas
made by Spampy.

They are a new style.
I love how she also sent along the elephant photo shown in her photo!
She modeled them on her Sprocket,
but made them in LittleFee size.

I loved them so much that I emailed Jenifer
and got in line for some more custom clothes!

Spampy Stuff Website

Photo by Jenifer
Spampy Stuff

I was able to buy a few more things for Ella this month.
I browsed Etsy for more LittleFee/YoSd sized clothes.

I found it really curious that so many sales are coming out of Asia.
Most BJD dolls are made in Asia, and the desire to own them
seems to have helped North Americans overcome their fears
of ordering from Asia. More people are willing to order directly from Asia
instead of relying on other businesses to bring these products to the states.
It is a global hobby and a global economy.

Why is the good stuff
so far away?

I purchased a sweatshirt from TTY,
 They are out of South Korea, but have a good reputation and good feedback.
The sweatshirt arrived in good time for the distance that it traveled,
and I love it!

I purchased the brown boots on eBay
from a store called SfcDirect in China.
They also shipped and arrived quickly.
I love that there are zippers in the back
to make it easier to put them on and off!

There are as many different preferences and styles of collecting
as there are doll collectors.

I have a small group of dolls I would consider to be more active
in my interest. For several years, I have tended to keep my doll adoptions
to 1 special doll a year (not including an occasional less expensive doll).
I have clarified my interest in dolls. 
I don't make as many mistakes with impulse purchases. 
This also means that it is unthinkable to me to resell a companion.

With Ella, I had wanted another BJD in the 10 inch size for about a year.
When I had decided that I really wanted a Fairyland LittleFee Ante,
one appeared; wanting a new home.

But, I also totally understand the perspective of the joy of the play.
I still love the ones I have, but I hit a point where I feel tapped out
on what I can do with them, or just want something fresh.
There is something fun about starting again
with a new doll and eyes and wigs
and clothes and shoes....

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