Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday at the Zoo

Today is the last official Saturday of summer.
We went to the zoo.

The flamingos are near the entrance.

Something unusual about our flamingos
is that we have two adolescent chicks
who have not yet turned pink!

 I got to see the Mexican wolves.

They live in a small pack.
Today they seemed agitated.
Men were in the back doing some kind of maintenance
on their enclosure.

Next we visited the polar bears.

I heard a child ask why the polar bears were green.
The adult answered it was from the algae in the water.
I imagine it might be hard to scrub down a polar bear!

It was very crowded.
Why won't they let me in to see?
I heard someone ask when they would feed the polar bears.
I guess that is what they were waiting for.

I finally got my turn to stand on a rock and get my picture taken.

We walked below, ready to leave,
when I saw a fish,
and a polar bear dove in after it!
We watched that a few more times.

We went to the other window.
I could see the area above where I had been standing before.

I watched the polar bears eating for a few more minutes.

Then, we continued with our visit to the zoo.
The cat walk now has more non-feline animals,
and smaller feline animals.
The enclosures are too small for big cats.
It still stinks like cats, though!

This landscaped area off the cat walk looks like an old mine.
Maybe supplies are in the storage shed?

We caught some fresh air on a wet log!

The lions and tigers have a bigger enclosure.
The lions weren't out,
but two tigers were resting like cats!

We saw peahens by the snack shop.

A peacock wandered into an art display with running water,
and took a drink.

Nearby, we saw the giraffes.

And me being cute!

There were more peahens
with chicks near the amphibian exhibit.

I had fun getting my picture taken with the tree,
mushroom, path, pond, and giant frog!

I like the frog exhibit.

The blue ones are my favorite.

This one looks squishy!

These orange frogs are micro!
I think they live with the fairies.

The rain forest must be an interesting place!

We were getting really hot,
but decided to see the seals and sea lions.

It was feeding time!

The last guy to be fed was really big!

The Tasmanian Devils are right next to the
seals and sea lions.

One was asleep under a hut.
I do not know if those were testicles and a tail between its legs,
or if there was some kind of baby.


Australia has a hut that looks like an outback cabin.

I looked out the window to see....

...a kookaburra!
One child asked what it was sitting on.
(...the old gum tree!)

It is time to go home!!!!
I whined!

Okay, but the baby orangutan is really cute!

The gorillas in the next enclosure were thoughtful.

 No, we did not stop at the gift shop.

And the last critter of the day was waiting for us in the car!

I don't know if it had come along for the ride,
or if it had hopped in when we got out,
but we let it out and left it at the zoo.

I wish I could say with the summer ending
that the weather will get cooler,
but that won't happen for a few more weeks...
during the International Balloon Fiesta!


  1. Wow, you took a ton of photos! I love all the ones of the polar bears, especially. xoxo

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day at the zoo!