Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to Work

Today was the first day back at school for staff
after our summer vacation. After I checked in,
I waited to see if there would be a staff meeting of any kind.
Ella wandered out to playground.

Well, maybe if there is a staff meeting before
we work on our rooms for the day, it will be held in the library,
or at least I will hear the announcement and be close to the office.

Ella asked the librarian if there were any books on architecture
as this is today's ADAD topic.

The librarian showed us where the books were on construction
and architecture. Ella looked at books about log cabins, tipis,
medieval castles, and schools.

Teachers got called for staff photos for their ID badges.
Ella hid in my bag and did not want her photo taken by strangers.
I then found out that the staff meeting had been postponed,
so we were to use the day to work in our rooms.

I have a new room assignment, so I spent the day
carting boxes of books and supplies on the flatbed dolly.

My classroom is behind the door that is under the sails
and on the corner of the blue/gray wall and the blue wall.

ADAD Architecture
By the end of the work day, I was too tired
and too sore to work, so I took Ella outside to the
kindergarten playground. She posed on table that has bowls
in it to use as a standing place for exploration or play when
objects are placed in them. 

Schools needs lots of buildings and structures! 

Ella likes the playgrounds best!

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