Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bio Park Aquarium

Today's ADAD prompt is "deep".
It was one of those days where I got an idea,
and went in search of taking a photo for the prompt.
I decided that the "deepest" place we have where I can photograph
water is the Bio Park Aquarium.

I like the local focus presented by the Bio Park.
The Bio Park property, especially the Botanic Garden/Aquarium
is located next to the bridge at Central Avenue over the Rio Grande.

There are two tanks near the entrance and this sign.
One tank holds types of fish currently found in the river
along with examples of trash and debris like a car tire.

The second tank holds some of the types of fish that used
to live in the Rio Grande. This fish looked primitive!

I find this area interesting because part of the display
holds part of a bridge and a car. Today I looked more closely
at the painting.

The El Vado Motel shown above the car was an early
Route 66 motel that is now closed, in poor repair
and surrounded by a fence. It is directly across the street from the 
Botanic Garden/Aquarium. 

The dirt road past it running toward
the mountains is the location of Central Avenue, which was Route 66.

A fountain beyond the two tanks has a sign mentioning trout.
There are no fish in this fountain, but it is a nice doll sized photo op!

One tank looks like the pillars supporting structures
in the ocean.

We enjoyed the morning sun through the window.

The next tank was the tank for sting rays.


We walked down the ramp where the larger, 
enclosed tanks are displayed.

My camera has a more difficult time capturing
the movement of fish and clear photos in the dark,
so I had fewer photos of this area.

I changed over to my iPhone camera.

We were on the floor for awhile. At one point,
I had a toddler on both sides of me; a boy on one
side and a girl on the other. Both toddlers reached
for Ella several times. I finally stood up.

 Is there an easy way to capture a shark in the shark tank?
Not unless you have the right camera and settings!
But, at least the shark tank was deep and I ended up with a morning outing
and some photos to choose from!

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