Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Dollhouse for Amaya

In early December of 2014,
I ordered a  high quality wood dollhouse
by David at the Rocky Mountain Dollhouse company in Colorado.

I ordered it for myself and to be a home for my PukiPuki, Amaya.
I did not expect Amaya to arrive before February or March of 2015.

She arrived on December 22, 2014.

During Christmas vacation, I spent days assembling
the Country Cottage.

I also worked on Amaya.

With the basic construction of the dollhouse completed,
I did not work on it again until May 2015.

I ended up doing the roof shingles in May,
but I ended up with a final block in completing the house.

The shutters on the upstairs window are meant to go on top
of the edge of the window, but I did not prefer that.
I also did not have the tools and experience to cut the
wood for the inside window frames.
I asked David to trim the upstairs shutters and also
paid to have the inside window frames cut.
By the time they arrived, my new school year had started.

I thought I would again use at least part of my Christmas vacation
to complete the last few tasks, but I did not use my time that way.
This weekend is a 3 day weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. day
on Monday.

I rose up with enough determination to finish the basic construction
with this dollhouse over a  year past the time when I began.

There are now blue shutters on the outside windows.

As I went through the box of supplies that I had never put away, 
I found the unfinished chimney piece. I painted it and glued it to the roof.

I was surprised when I opened the wrapped and sealed
in cardboard window pieces that David had sent.
The window pieces were not just cut, but glued into
inside frames! Woohoo!
Easier than I thought it would be!

I painted the window frames and doorway frame pieces
and glued them into the dollhouse.
I added the bottom trim along the back wall that had been
waiting for the doorway trim.

I then returned the inside furniture that I have had.

Amaya replicated a kitchen pose that she had done
several times before. In the first photo, she is in the wig
where I over trimmed her bangs and when her face up was wearing off.
In the second photo, her face up was redone and her wig replaced,
but the bangs had not been trimmed.

Now she is as cute as can be in a reasonably trimmed wig
and with brown eyes in a natural face up (one done last spring).

The basic three pieces kitchen pieces are high quality pieces in the kitchen.
The bathroom also has the basic three pieces.
Both rooms are lacking details of more furniture or accessories.

She has a bed and a bedside table.

Amaya told me that bedding was next on her wish list
for this house.

 The living room/possible dining room area is also sparse,
but she said she can run and play in this room.

Amaya is happy because this dollhouse may eventually
be a great place for her live!

My Flickr Album
for this dollhouse and the process of construction:


  1. It may be taking a while but it is looking good and is just perfect for Amaya.

  2. wonderful dollhouse for your pukipuki
    I saw pitures an flikr group and than I lokked here on your blog

    greating from germany