Sunday, January 24, 2016

Saturday in the Park

On Saturday, I joined a friend for her Saturday afternoon activities.
She had her 6 year old granddaughter with her,
so going to her neighborhood park was one of our outings.

I had 6 inch Autumn with me
and thoroughly agreed on going somewhere
where I could take photos of her.

The park had a few visitors, but I tend to respect the privacy
of children and don't focus on photographing children
when I can avoid it.

Autumn thought the playground was colorful and fun.

We walked away from the playground to the trees
to focus on Autumn's adventure and not intrude upon other visitors.

We have had some colder temperatures in January,
and moments of snow, but it is warming up in the afternoon,
and our beautiful days have a shining sun.
It has not been so snowed in or so cold that people
cannot go outside.

 Autumn enjoyed exploring the trees outside.

The smaller pine tree had its evergreen pines, but there
was also a larger leaf that had settled by the trunk.

Soon, we went to visit another friend's house for dinner.
By the time Autumn and I returned home,
the full moon had risen.

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