Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday at the Botanic Garden

As we shift toward spring, we are starting to get some warmer days.
Although it is still winter, it was a nice enough to enjoy an outside adventure.

Autumn does have the chance to get out every now and then
as an easy companion to carry around, but she has not gotten
a lot of attention while we have been inside during the past two months.

She happily volunteered for today's trip to the Botanic Garden.

She was especially thrilled to see real flowers
starting to bloom as we transition toward spring.

Our first exhibit area that we visited were the model trains.

A new BUGarium is near the model train exhibit.

Autumn liked that there were small bugs in contained spaces,

but then some of them were not bugs you would want
to see at home!

We walked back outside into the warmer
temperatures for this February day.

The greenhouse is across the pond.

The pond has geese, ducks, fish, and turtles.
The reflection of this resting goose was beautiful.

Another goose rested with the turtles.

Autumn posed on the land with their stone in the background.

The goose began to flap its wing.

After its stretch, it slid back into the pond and swam away.

Autumn liked the turtles still on the rock
and tried to show them off.

We walked down the path toward the greenhouse.

The bare trees were a reminder of winter.

We visited the Mediterranean side of the greenhouse. 

It was warmer, more humid, and featured colorful flowers.

After the greenhouse, we went toward the Heritage Farm
area in the back. It is on more than an acre and functions
as a real farm.

When it was first built years ago, the trees and plants were
small enough to see the produce barn from the path.
Now, even in the winter, the view of the barn is blocked by
foliage from the path outside of the area.

A tree that I noticed the first buds and flowers of spring
last year has a bird's nest in it now. There are small buds on it.

Another bare tree of winter reached into the blue sky.
I love this photo!

There were more visitors to the Botanic Garden today.
Autumn stood in front of the Heritage Farm house

and actually blocked people behind her, including a man
on the porch talking on his cell phone.

Eventually, I got a clear photo of the farm house.

There is a barn with animals in it behind the farm house.

I love the display with the clothing being washed.

Can you see the white horse in the back?
It is in a horse stall.

The last area that we visited was Sasebo Japanese Garden.

It has a path circling a pond with a waterfall.

Toward the back, there is a smaller waterfall
and more flowing water.

Although the plants here are native to Albuquerque
or are otherwise meant to grow here,
there are many Japanese features.

It is a unique place to visit in Albuquerque.

After we had walked around the pond and came back
to the waterfall, we walked behind the waterfall.
I saw an employee coming out of a door that is under
and behind these rocks. I greeted him, and he showed me the
water pump system inside the room behind these rocks
that makes the waterfall and water system
work in the Japanese garden. It was really interesting.

Autumn noticed the winter trees as one had fallen.

We then went back to gate entrance side of the fountain
for a few last pictures.

Autumn was happy to spend this Sunday

and this Valentine Day with me.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Happy Sunday,
and Happy President's Day!

Spring will return soon!

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