Saturday, February 6, 2016

What is with American Girl?

Somewhere between stress and my anticipated tax refund,
my doll collecting interest has turned toward American Girl dolls.
I have had Josefina and her world since she was released in the fall of 1996.
I have recently sought out a direction of AG dolls for more play
and handling then I have used Josefina for.
I purchased a Julie and changed her wig.
Julie has the Josefina face mold in a fair vinyl tone.

I have now also purchased a "Truly Me" doll #28
with the Josefina face mold in the medium tone.

I purchased the following clothing on eBay:
1) The top and jeans from the Weekend Fun set.

2) The Flower Power outfit from 2001.
I once owned it and resold it. I found it recently 
listed under "Julie". Totally hippie!

3) Saige's sweater outfit and picnic outfit.
I honestly don't like the red-headed Saige.
I live in Albuquerque, and the majority of the people
are more towards Hispanic/Spanish or Pueblo.
Although there is an Anglo population (including me),
red hair is not common. However, since I do live here,
I totally get her fashions! The picnic lunch is still on my wish list.

4) The Earth Day outfit.
It was released in 1996 and retired in 1998.
I have a long time interest in this outfit.

I don't know where my interest in American Girl dolls
is going. I enjoy the tactile experience of handling them,
but I do see a limit to the clothes and accessories I will
purchase for them.

WAIT!!!!!Why are you ignoring me??
Josefina has lived here longer than I have,
but what are you doing with the others? there any fun in playing with big things?

(tip, tap, notes from Josefina's piano)

...I do like Josefina's piano,
but it has been here for awhile.

Promise me that you will not forget about me
and ignore me even if there are more bigger dolls
living with us. I am the extra special one.
Always remember to listen to me and to hear me.

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  1. I know what you mean about the American girl stuff. I go back and forth. Mainly on their accessories and the small dolls, as I do not have room for the big dolls, I own 2, Rebecca and Felicity. I love using the props with my Tonner dolls and my other 16 inch and larger bjd's. Josephina's piano is one of the most realistic props they made.