Saturday, March 19, 2016

The First Day of Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!
We are happy to see leaves and flowers growing
on the trees on the property where we live.

There are very few plants and trees that I know the names for,
but this tree was one that Ella and Amaya had played with last summer
as the pods fell to the ground.

Seeing that there is still a process of growth
was an amazing reminder of the process of waking up
and growing again.

The trees that we have stood under
this winter are growing new, green leaves.

There is a second tree like the first one with the pink flowers.
I am curious about what kind of trees they are.

The second tree was small enough that Ella could
sit on the branch with the flowers.

She wanted to stand with the daffodils,
but these daffodils are the back of the planting area,
making it less than ideal in the way I pose her and photograph her.

She said that she is still happy that they are here,
and that she will pose with them when the ones we
can reach bloom.

A bush had red flowers on it
that she was able to show off from lower down.

We enjoyed walking around and seeing that winter
was ending and that spring is arriving!

Happy Spring!

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  1. I love spring! By far my favorite time of the year. The tree with the beautiful pink flowers might be a cherry.