Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday Hot Air Balloons

Early in the morning, I went to a favorite restaurant
across the street for take-out breakfast. They can get very busy
on any Sunday, but I figured they would get especially busy
on Easter Sunday, and should go early if I wanted a breakfast
from their restaurant.

My true benefit of going to breakfast early
is that I saw the hot air balloons rising near
their location.

There are several hot air balloon businesses here.
They host early morning and evening balloon rides most of the year,
but it turned into a special way to see and celebrate Easter.

My take-out breakfast got cold as I continued
to photograph the balloons in the parking lot
and at home across the street from this launch.

My favorite hot air balloon was the rainbow balloon.
What a beautiful symbol of spring to see the rainbow balloon in the sky
and the leaves growing a tree!

The hot air balloons became my morning connection
with consciousness rising and celebrating Easter
when I don't have children hunting for Easter eggs or receiving
Easter baskets.

I also don't go to church, but believe in the greater
ideas of rising consciousness and awakening with
awareness. The balloons became a beautiful
symbol of Easter for me as someone connecting
with the idea of Easter without baskets, eggs,
and a trip to a church service.

Then, I was sharing my hot air balloon photos on Facebook 
when I saw the photo posted below.
It was posted by a Facebook page called 
"Inhabitants of Burque" (Albuquerque). 
This pretty much explains the connection 
between hot air balloons and Easter Sunday!  

The sun continued to rise, and the hot air balloons
finished their early morning journey through the sky.

Ella has wanted to go outside for several days,
but we have had a lot of gusty winds.
She insisted we go out by mid-morning and not wait
to see if there would be more gusty winds this afternoon.

The bunny and marble egg became a part of her sharing
Easter with her online friends.

As we went through her clothes,
she told me that she would put on her pink shirt,
but she was not going to wear a dress.

Hmm... I don't think she has a complete dress
like a spring or Easter dress.
The pink shirt works for a spring adventure!

We walked around a little more.
The sky is blue and the trees are continuing
to turn green with spring.

Ella enjoyed her walk about with the green grass,
the blue sky, the blue egg,
and her bunny friend.

We wish you all a
Happy Easter!!!!

Okay, what are we going to do with the bunny?

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