Sunday, April 3, 2016

By the Ocean

 I grew up in San Diego county
in a small town in the North County called Solana Beach.
I visited my family during spring break, and really
enjoyed my time by the ocean!

A cove called "Fletcher's Cove" is located in Solana Beach.
The ramp to the ocean was man-made during the time of its founding.
The above photo shows its early construction in 1924.
Water pressure from a local dam was used to create this ramp access to the beach.

I had Ella, Autumn, and Amaya with me on the first day
I visited the ocean. They posed for their photos on the table
seen in the above photo.

We then walked down the over-view area.
The photo of the over-view area was taken on Saturday
before we left, but it is a nice place to visit the ocean
if the tides are high or you aren't ready to get sand in your shoes!

There are high bluffs along the coast line.

Ella, Autumn, and Amaya were happy
to get their photo taken from the over-look area!

On Wednesday, we went to a local park.
On Thursday, we went to Einstein's Bagel Shop for breakfast.
I took Autumn with me. We went to the beach after breakfast.
I only had my cell phone for photos, but it was nice to sit in the sand.

I built a little sand pile in front of me.

Autumn said it was just her size!

When we walked over a bit, we found one that had
been made by someone who had the beach buckets
that create shapes. It reminded me of ancient ruins!

That was pretty cool, too!

On Friday, I went to the bluff overlook area with Amaya.

When I grew up here in the 1970's and 1980's, 
Solana Beach was much more of a post-hippie
middle class beach community. It is now an affluent
and expensive place to live. Many of the earlier ranch style houses
in the neighborhood where I grew up were demolished to create
larger, more architecturally diverse homes for an affluent population.

My flight was not until later on Saturday afternoon,
so I took one more visit to the beach.
I took Ella with me to the beach.

It was a busier day, and so I parked on a residential hillside street.
The Fletcher Cove area with the bluff seating is also a part of the community center.

We watched the surfers from the bluff.

We walked down the path to the beach.

A family was having a birthday party for a child
at the area with the benches. One man was making large bubbles
for children

When I arrived, there was one child who was fascinated
in what he was doing. There was a large group
by the time I left.

More surfers and other visitors continued to arrive.

We also enjoyed the sandpiper!
They are not as frequently visible as the seagulls.

Ella asked through her cell phone photo
posted to Flickr
"Guess where I am?"

Yes, we know! We spent a lot of time here this week!
Ella had her time of reflection.

My video of the ocean:

When I was ready to leave, I went to the artificial grass
above for a few more minutes, and to brush the sand off
my feet, bag, and clothes and to put my shoes back on.

Yes, it is time to leave our time at the beach.
It has been a wonderful week by the ocean!

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