Monday, April 4, 2016

San Dieguito Park

 On Wednesday of my visit with family to Solana Beach
in San Diego county, I visited local park called San Dieguito Park.
San Dieguito Park is a gem in that it is a large park area on a hill
with multiple features. It has a trail, overlooking towers, two bridges,
a wonderful view, multiple playground and picnic/grill type areas,
a scout house, and a camping area near the scout house.

I walked down one of the main paths on the top of the hill
toward the bridges.

When I arrived at the end area with the bridges, I took Ella
out of my bag.

She was surprised to see such a view!

We walked over to one of the look-out towers.

It overlooked the residential hillsides,
but it also overlooked the lower area of the park.

At the bottom of the hill, there is an area of the park
with more grass for family or group gatherings
or a quiet place to sit.

Looking back toward the path, there were more trees,
plants and long established growth.

There were also paths going down the hill.

We walked back toward the bridges.

One interesting fact about San Diego is that although
it has been well landscaped for a variety of plants,
it is also a desert. Cactus, yucca, and other desert plants
grown here naturally.

I loved to see the views along the path!

I also really liked the flowers!

This California poppy plant was near the bridge.

This is the state flower in California.

It was a treat to see one!

After seeing the poppies close up,
we went to the bench for a few minutes.

There was another look-out tower and more trails
below us.

We had one last stop to make.
We visited the Scout House.

I started my time as a Girl Scout with meetings in the house
in second grade. I continued through Girl Scouting into 7th grade.
I attended a Girl Scout camp I later became a summer employee in for 5 years.
I was then a Girl Scout leader for 2 years in my early 20's.
The second year with my troop, we met in the Scout House.

This bridge was later added. It is used for the Girl Scout
ceremony of girls bridging into a new level of Girl Scouts.

Looking toward the property,
there is a camp site behind the trees and a kiva for ceremonies.

My camera battery died as I took the last photo
of the Girl Scout ceremony area with the flag pole,
surrounding benches, and bridge.

Fortunately my cell phone, also with a low battery,
could also show that there really are playgrounds here!

It is a gem of a park with so many things to do!
I am thankful that it was a part of my life growing up.

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