Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Flowers

Today, I took a day off from work.
It was time to see the flowers!

I went to the Botanic Garden to see the spring flowers.

We waited for a while around a fountain,
which was not turned on, but has flowers on the top of it.

A woman sat taking pictures, and I did not want to put
Ella up on the planter until she was done.

I finally asked if I could pose Ella for a few minutes.
She was delighted and asked if she could take pictures
of her, too!

It is so nice to make a new friend for a moment!

We chatted for awhile.

Ella finally asked if we could leave and
look at more flowers.

We continued our walk around the Bio Park.
We passed the bird feeder.
Do you see the bird on the edge of the feeder?

The center of the park is the pond with the greenhouse.

We have seen turtles on the rock before.

I was not sure about these two birds.
I had not seen this type of bird before!

The pond and the greenhouse area can be an interesting place!

A small walkway of rocks
has a garden of small flowers growing around them.

What do you find fascinating?

We walked around to the patio in front of the greenhouse.

The purple flowers around the tree were beautiful!

Behind the greenhouse,
there were a few trees with flowers.

Outside of the Sonoran Desert greenhouse
is a sitting area made mostly from cactus wood.

The desert flowers were smaller and had prickly looking leaves.

We walked around back to the front of the greenhouse.
There was a goose resting on a rock on the pond.

There were bees around the tree near the pond!

Our last stop was a garden to the side of the lawn.

Ella sat on the sundial.

We hope to come back soon!

It was fun to see the April flowers!

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