Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ella's Saturday

 Today is a day with wind and rain.
It has not been a day to go outside and play.

Fortunately, Ella had something else to look forward to.
Or rather, I had something else to look forward to in playing with Ella.
The Saturday mail had a new set of eyes for her.
In the photo above and below, it shows where her left eye
had a crack down it. With new clothes and summer on their way,
it was time to change her eyes.

Well, yes. I don't like changing the eyes on my companions if I don't need to.
Ella is large enough for me to see and be able to adjust her eyes.
Unfortunately, this is the second pair of Glastic gray-blue eyes
that have ended up with a crack down them.

The mail arrived in the middle of the day with Glastic eyes
in the same color and she has had.

Are her new eyes straight?
Are they crooked and need to be straightened?
Are they even?

Do I need to clean up any putty from around them?
Are they looking too far in, like being cross-eyed?
Can they be out a little further?

You ask a lot of questions...

Time to play with wild hair!!!

Time to change clothes. It is cold outside,
but this pink Spampy outfit is perfect for the occasion!
And how about a photo of her eyes with less light in them?
Do her eyes need to be adjusted? Are you sure?

Saturday Afternoon Tea Party

Adults can come up with strange ways to interact with
their dolls! I wish I could go outside and play, but
it is better to get attention inside than to spend another
day quietly sitting in the same place.


  1. She looks so pretty in that last picture. Congrats on your new eyes, kiddo!

  2. She looks lovely! Her eyes are perfect, no need to worry at all. I love her Spampy outfit with the tiered skirt.
    I've had several pairs of Glastic Realistic acrylic eyes that have cracked like that too, I have no idea why, it's really odd because there's no pressure on them. I did wonder if something in the eye putty made the plastic weak? I tend now to use glass eyes because they can be just as reasonably priced and they do tend to last a long time....and once I have chosen eyes, I don't tend to change them again either.