Saturday, April 23, 2016

Open Space Visitor Center

I live near an Open Space Visitor Center.
It is a small, peaceful place to visit,
so Ella and I went to visit the center this morning.

On April 6, 2015, she had posed in a photo in front of a marsh
that is near the parking lot. The water is normally in this perennial
marsh from March through October.

April 6, 2015

She posed again in front of the marsh on August 1, 2015.
By then, many grasses and plants had grown in the water.

August 1, 2016
Ella asked why the water was not in the marsh.

She really was hoping to get her photo taken by the marsh
while the water could be seen.

I asked someone working at the Visitor Center
what had happened to the marsh. She said that the bushes
and grasses had overtaken the marsh, so they cleaned it out.
The water should be re-filtered into the marsh soon.

We continued through the inside of the Visitor Center.

The current short term artist exhibit has framed pictures
and this display creatively representing the environment.

The permanent exhibits share the history of this location.

The petroglyphs are on the mesa in our area.

Our history in New Mexico includes early Native populations,
Pueblo people, and those arriving from the Spanish/Hispanic culture.

The Rio Grande has been a central area of civilization
among the early people here for its water and for the fish, birds,
and animals that also relied on it.

Archaeological digs have discovered a great deal
of information and belongings of early people.

Smaller pieces of pottery are on a low tray
where they can be touched.

The impression of nature was also found in fossils in the land.

The rooms with the history and artifacts are small,
but the other portion of the Open Space Visitor Center
is overlooking a field.

As we headed toward the toward out to the back of the property,
we went through the room that displays the imprint of a more
modern civilization.

I find the back of the property overlooking
the field to be particularly peaceful.

The spring breeze blew Ella's hair.

Several geese rested in the field

while others flew in and landed while we watched.

We walked along the back to the other side of the field.

Ella wanted to make sure that she was well photographed
with the fields and the mountains.

We walked through the back of the property

back to the courtyard in the front.

New Mexico is the land of volcanoes,
represented by cone type structures near the door.

The Rio Grande is also an important part of the history,
culture, animals, and people in New Mexico.

The courtyard of the Open Space Visitor Center
seems to represent the history of the territory in this region.

While I photographed Ella, the Traditions Garden 
was in front of her and behind me on the edge of the sidewalk.

Ella asked what was growing in the garden.

Flowers called Woods' Roses bloomed
on several plants.

Ella then told me that she wanted to sit on the adobe wall.

We walked into the garden, but the smaller garden
plants were very small and just beginning to grow.
We'll have to come back in a month and see how these
areas have been filled with growing plants!

We walked back to the courtyard
past the flowers and wall at the garden entrance.

We were ready to finish our visit.

Ella posed on a volcanic rock to make sure
that she was the last photo of our outing!

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