Monday, April 25, 2016

A Beautiful Spring Walk

I discovered the Alamedia Rio Grande Wetland
last fall on Veteran's Day. Ella and I enjoyed the fall leaves
on the trees and the geese in the wetlands pond.

The wetlands pond is a preserved area with a wire fence
and lots of plants around it for the privacy and safety of the
birds and animals that live here.

Ella and I walked a short distance down the path.

They have a viewing area on each side of the pond.

We saw a few ducks toward the back edge, but there were
not as many birds as when the geese migrated last fall.

There are many signs on the property that describe
more fully the environmental use and purpose of this space.

The signs educate people about plants, animals,
and how the preserve is a safe environmental space
for all of them to work together.

Toward the back of the small property there is something
we had not noticed last fall. The acequia is a historic system
of moving water around through the community for farm irrigation.

These gates or dams are frequently used in a variety of forms
across the acequia system in New Mexico. 

They are used to stop and redirect the flow of water
so that everyone in the system has a turn with the flowing water.

There were a few artists on the other side 
of the bridge over the acequia stream. The stream of water is seasonal
in the spring with the flow of water from the mountains
increasing the water flow in the river.
This acequia was probably dry when we first visited last November.

Although we did not see a lot of birds, we did see a
few ducks and geese near the pond.

Another space on the property is a type of forest
that was an arboretum.

It is now an additional space for birds and more animals.

Ella agreed that it is nice to see the green leaves
on the trees!

We walked down a few paths among the trees.

Ella also said that it was a warmer day than last
November 11th! We love that it is now the middle of spring!

We could see the look out space near the pond
from the edge of the arboretum.

Maybe there is more to see...

As we walked past the pond again getting ready to go,
there was a roadrunner! The roadrunner is the state bird!
It doesn't fly, but it is fast and can be difficult to photograph!
I am glad that I have a zoom on my camera to respect the space
of animals and to still focus in on a close-up photo of them.

Ella wanted to walk over to the Rio Grande that is near,
but I decided not to go that far today.

We will have lots of time to explore our favorite places!

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