Saturday, April 9, 2016

Finding Spring Along the Rio Grande

Amaya said "There is no place like home."
That was really sweet!

...until right after she asked when she could go out on another adventure.
She does not want to be famous for staying at home all day.

We went to the Pueblo Montano Trailhead.
A few types of landscaped flowers are growing in,
but what about the leaves returning on trees in nature?

The Pueblo Montano Trailhead has an entry with carved
log sculptures. They were carved in 2004 in memory
of firefighters who fought the fire here during the summer 2003.

The log firefighter is a painted memory of this event.

Some trees were still sparse, but some had leaves returning!

Amaya liked the new, fresh green leaves!

But, we can't mention spring without mentioning
the presence of tumbleweeds. They are especially
active in the blowing, gusty winds!

Trees near the arroyo were particularly green.

Amaya found a tree stump to pose on by the arroyo.

We crossed the path over the arroyo to head toward
the trail to the Rio Grande.

Yeah..we live in a land with dirt! Some of these trees still
alive were damaged by the fire of 2003, but grass was beginning
to grow along the edges.

New trees are growing.

But, it is not only the smallest trees and plants that have leaves
growing and turning green against the sky.

We looked for flowers.
We found the dry remains of a sunflower from last summer.

We did find the smaller yellow flower.

We quickly reached the Rio Grande.
Clouds were over the mountains, but the trees
along the river were growing with green leaves.

We started to walk down the path south
along the Rio Grande.

There was a duck on the trail to the river!

We waited quietly to not scare or provoke it,
but finally walked slowly and quietly down the southern trail.

The duck walked back to the river as we walked past it.

We walked to a path a little further down.

The duck floated quickly down the river.

Well, that was interesting.
Amaya posed the Rio Grande.

We turned around and walked back to the trailhead
with the log sculptures.

La Llorona's owl was against a blue sky.

La Llorona looked around the tree in the opposite direction.

We walked back to the parking lot,
but looked back at the log sculptures.

Amaya smiled because she was able to get out
and see what was growing in the bosque!

Our logo for this location is the roadrunner,
which is the state bird.

The roadrunner sculpture also stands in front of a tree,
which is a good visual symbol for each season.

The leaves on the trees are growing...
yes, we noticed that!

And Amaya was in the last photos of the location
and had the last word.

It is fun to get out and see the world around us,
but there is no place like home!

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