Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flowers in Old Town

Ella went to the Botanic Garden 
on Thursday to see the spring flowers. 
Amaya went to Pueblo Montano Trailhead
on Saturday to see the river and how trees were growing their green leaves.
Autumn insisted on her own exploration for spring beyond the property
of our apartment rental.

It is Sunday, and so it was a good time to go to church.
Sort of. We went to Old Town where the original founding
church is located. It held a church service for the
active congregation.

We enjoyed and appreciated the landscaped flowers in
Old Town. The first set of flowers were in the church courtyard.

Most people had entered the church for the service,
but there was a greeter at the door 
and a few more people entering the church.

That was a challenge, or a game, to not get people in the photo,
but of course, they did all enter the church.
Do you see the pigeons flying toward the towers 
in the below photo?

Amaya was happy to be at the main founding location in Old Town.

The purple flowers below were in the courtyard.

There were more flowers in the planters
in the main courtyard area for Old Town, which is set
up in the Spanish square style.

We walked across the street to an area with a fountain.

The fountain had potted flowers around it!

The fountain was a peaceful place to visit.

As we walked back to my car after the short visit,
we noticed the colorful flowers in planter boxes
along the outside of a side restaurant.

Autumn was happy that she was out to see the growing flowers.

All three hope to get out again this month for more
springtime adventures.

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