Saturday, June 11, 2016

Casa San Ysidro

Casa San Ysidro is a historic house now owned
by the Albuquerque Museum.

This adobe home was originally built in 1875.
Its most notable history is that it was expanded by
Dr. Ward Alan and his wife, Shirley Minge, who purchased
the property in 1953. They added historic, 
cultural collectible furniture to the house.

In 1996, the property was donated to the Albuquerque Museum.
Tours through this museum property are normally lead by a docent.
Today was an open house day with docents for each room.

One docent is a substitute teacher I have known for awhile.
I enjoyed talking her by the main hallway.We chatted by this window as it was also
a bit warm to be going inside; out of the breeze!

The main building is a courtyard.
There is a hallway inside with a kitchen and few rooms,
but more rooms are along the sides with their doors
into the courtyard.

There is a garden in the middle of the courtyard.

Lanterns hanging along the portal remind me of Josefina's lantern.

We went out the open arch in the back
to the part of the property that has other collected buildings.

We appreciated the hollyhocks!

There is a cover for the wagons that has been recently repaired.

The horno in the back has been used during event days
to bake breads samples.

The building next to the horno has very wide walls!

Mano and matates were used to grind grains for bread flour.

The back property has two log cabins.

The one in the back has an oven, a table, and a shelf
set up like a kitchen.

The docent told the story about the history of people
bathing in tubs where they needed to heat and provide the water.

They did not bathe as often as we do!

The log cabin closer to the main building
had a bed and table for someone like a rancher
caring for animals.

They have a more modern, currently built building for the blacksmith.
It was not open today, but I love the slats in the window
and the display of the adobe bricks.

We walked back into the main courtyard area.

I chatted with another docent,
but it was time for us to go as I had scheduled
 a time to go hang out with a friend.

It was wonderful to be able to walk around
the Casa San Ysidro today and enjoy the summer!

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