Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fish and Bugs

Today was a beautiful day to go to the aquarium.
Autumn volunteered to see the fish at the aquarium.

The entrance to the aquarium has an exhibit area with
the history of fish that were once in the Rio Grande,
and those that are there now.

The bridge with the car shows the location of the bridge over
the Rio Grande near the Bio Park on Central Avenue.
Central was also Route 66, and a main route through Albuquerque.

Autumn enjoyed looking at the sting rays and fish
in the open sting ray tank.

She stood by a window on the side to see what would swim by.

It was very interesting!

Next to this area, there is a slight ramp that goes down.
The remaining tanks have closed off tops.
It also has more areas of darkness.

I was thrilled to find that setting my camera
to the "low light" setting allowed me to take
better pictures of the sea animals.

Autumn was not so thrilled that I could not take
a clear photo of her in the darkness with the tank lights.

We spent some time watching the last tank,
which is known as the shark tank. There are larger
sting rays, fish, and other sea animals in the tank.

We were delighted to finally see the turtle!

Autumn asked if we could spend some time
outside to take more pictures of her.

The individuals who volunteer to operate the model trains
were not there. No model trains were running, so we went to
the next exhibit.

The Bugarium!

There are glass exhibits for smaller bugs near
the entrance of the Bugarium.

Autumn posed by the exhibit that looks more like
Arizona or New Mexico with the side rocks.

The insect that lives here is in the top of the tank.

Do you see the bug that is camouflaged with the leaves?

Autumn posed by the waterfall for another photo.

In the exhibit area up the ramp, there were many families
and children. I mean, what were able to view and photograph
were the larger spiders.

After viewing the Bugarium, we walked around the main
pond in the Botanic Garden.

Autumn saw the frog in the pond water!

Everything is so green!

The statue of two cranes danced in the pond.

The greenhouse was reflected in the pond.

We walked around the sidewalk in front of the greenhouse
to view the other direction we had just come from.

Our last stop was to walk through a fountain area
on the side of the main lawn.

Autumn enjoyed the beautiful flowers!

The weather was warm, so it was time to go home.

Adios! Until we see you again!

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