Saturday, January 14, 2017

Botanic Garden Winter

Today is another January Saturday.
There was rain in the late afternoon forecast,
but we decided to return to the Bio Park.

The temperature was comfortable, so we were outside
at the botanic garden.

What we noticed was winter.

The trees had few or no leaves with more leaves on the ground.
During Christmas, they have an event called the River of Lights.
Many of their light figures from the December night event
were still in at the park. Perhaps interesting for visitors
during a time when the land is more bare.

A few men operated the model train near the lawn.

There was a train with dinosaurs!

Then we found the train with minions!

The train with the dinosaurs passed the track
with the minions!

All of the main areas had the light figures. There was
a submarine in the pond.

The water had a layer of growth on it during the summer.
The pond is now clear. Ducks visit or live here all year.

The greenhouse has two areas. One is for the Mediterranean
plants, and one is for desert plants.

Our next stop was at the Heritage Farm,
which also has light figures on it.

Ella posed in front of the farm house.

The barn in the back had more winter trees.
It was fun that the pants were orange instead of the usually
used blue denim pants.

The Sasebo Japanese Garden is near the Heritage Farm,
but it did not have the light figures in their exhibit area.

The waterfall is my favorite part of the Japanese Garden.

The pond is the center of the trail around the pond.

Ella liked having her photo close up as well as being
in the outside setting.

We walked back through the botanic garden
after visiting most of the areas.

The botanic garden has a small section displayed
as a garden for healers.

There are plants in this section that could be used for healing.

Ella closely looked at the plants that were in the pots
and were more of an evergreen.

There were birds at the bird feeder.

A zebra posed outside of the greenhouse.

As we were leaving, we stopped by something
that is used as a fountain with streams in the summer.

Ella liked standing in the leaves...

...and being photographed during her enjoyable day
at the botanic garden!

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  1. It looks like a great place to visit even in winter, with still lots of things to see :)
    Ella does look pretty and I'm sure she had a great time getting up close to all there is to see.